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Susan has been in private practice in NYC and the East End of Long Island for over 30 years.

As a psychotherapist Dr. Powers has witnessed and treated the effects of unresolved grief,  and so encourages anyone who has experienced loss to pay attention and ideally do the emotional work in real time.  Remember time does not heal all wounds.  Unresolved grief sits inside of us, to be dealt with whenever we are ready.  Grieving requires much inner work, which her book Ruthless Grieving guides the reader through, with clarity and wisdom.


In 2001 Susan lost her husband to cancer and her daughter to addiction within a three month period. Her experience of her own grief and her extensive career of helping others in loss have prepared her for being a specialist in the area of Grief and inspired her to write this book.  This book is a unique combination of her personal memoir, and a clinical psychologist’s advice and guidance about grieving.  It is a personally warm and emotionally intelligent map of the grief process from the inside.


In her practice Dr. Powers uses the concepts and tools for grieving  that she developed with her clients both indiviually and in groups.  She has helped many clients through the losses from addiction and suicide.


Dr. Susan Carroll Powers is a clinical psychologist who has been in private practice for over thirty five years in New York City and on the East End of Long Island.  After receiving her Ph.D. from Fordham University in the Bronx, she studied  Gestalt Synergy with Ilana Rubenfelf.  She has led workshops on Recovery from Codependency and also on Grieving for many years.  Dr. Powers has been a workshop leader at Onsite in Tennessee and at the Caron Foundation in Pennsylvania, two major codependency treatment centers.  She has studied Psychodrama with Tian Dayton and Experiential Therapy with Sharon Wegsheider-Cruse.



Ruthless Grieving



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